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deep purple abyss

Swimming in a sea of deep purple, unable to reach out of the swallowing abyss. While drowning in the darkness I long to reach the surface, for ten seconds to bask in the enveloping bright white. The longer and longer I swallow in the purple, the darker and heavier it gets. I tread in the darkening purple, slowly losing hope that I will ever even reach the lavender. I look up at the sliver of silver and cry out for something to save me but my worst fear is realized, that I am hopeless and a complete drain on those around me. I look up at the last ray of hope, slowly fading away, as I sink lower into the eggplant abyss. I sink so deep that it is starting to morph into a very inviting black. I stop moving, giving up, surrendering to what is my end, my destruction. Tears fall over my cheeks as memories of bright white fade from existence.

non-ed related

Rant<lj-cut="I used to be saddly addicted to myspace, untill they kicked me off because my background offended somebody... But anyway... i posted a blog on there that explained to my "friends" why i am an a self mutilator and not one freakin friend wrote back and that makes me wonder what kind of friends that i have that they dont even give a flying rats ass about me... 

sorry i had to vent">


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